Get-In: The NEW Tye-Dye....

...What's good Family?! I've missed u, and when I saw this pic I knew that I had been away for a while! Fergster eased out in her tie-dye look during a cool day of shopping on Rodeo Dr. in L.A. over the weekend... NOW I know you are sitting and waiting for me to meet her at the cash register so I can ring her up... but NO. Not this time... Fergie actually is giving me a sense of confidence and this look (to me) works for her! I think the white poplin and the shoe and belt makes the denim give a different tease.... you don't see it? Oh well that's why you're reading what I'm writing...LOL. I'm definitely joking... but I do appreciate this ensemble on Ferg... it had to grow on me, but guess it's something in the air huh?! GAG!

(( thought you knew didn't you!))

iCON :)