PUMP-UP: Get Like Vicky...

So this shoe is NASTY....all because of Miss Beckham. LOL.. Sighs, who cares YES I love her... But Giambattista Valli has declared that this shoe is "Victoria's" shoe so I must give her the LIFE she deserves! Also spotted in these hi-rise condo's were Rihanna, sickening phish Nicole and my favorite oompah, Mary-Kate! Anywho if you would like to get like Vicky one of my good friends that runs her own shoe blog is offering this shoe in a size 7! For more info email her at This shoe has definitely been one of the more popular platforms that are out right now.... and I WILL admit, it's my favorite!
(( RENDERS her more and more SICK-O-NING!))

iCON :)