Knew SHE Wouldn't Be Scared..

....Look at her. Somebody must have just fed Penny the Poodle some dog food! Anyway, Perfect Patty was caught walking real slow (LOL) through a Japan airport as she arrived there to promote her album "Discipline", that I didn't even know was out anymore... So apparently her and King "Oompah" are jumping the broom as well pretty soon.. as you can see she was more than happy to flash her ring to the cameras. Janet needs a serious hug from her brother, Micheal. They need to talk, I think ALOT would come out of it! She claims she loves Japan so much, I wonder do they EVER understand her silent speeches? You know, P.P. (Penny the Poodle) would be a great mimer! Just a thought...
Nonetheless with this album she tied Madonna for the most #1 albums in the States.... sickening. Can't bash the career, she has that under her belt.. when she wears one! Congrats on that P.P.! Now lets see how long she stays healthy with this WET HEAD... didn't that last doctor visit tell you enough.. stay away from the GEL!

...Tine look like she standing on a NASTY platform..

((...she hit me with her LUGZ!))

iCON :)