The m a r q u i s . p h i f e r Workout Plan

So I checked the date on my blackberry and it's 4/20 while I have to be in New York by 5/31, my point? So I still need to get myself together!! I don't know how I let time go by because Im only half way with my diet plan/goal. That leaves me with a month and a few days, so I joined L.A. Fitness today where I spent 3 hours in the gym. Now, you know I promote healthy living so I think we all should be at our physical peak, which means our body's should be on point, which means sculpted. Think Marcus Lloyd. With that being said, I challenge you to my workout plan, now they say to consult with your doctor before you start a new diet so you're on your own. If you don't need to lose any pounds then DON'T follow the workout plan.

I plan to spend 1hr to 2 hrs in the gym doing light weights and cardio followed by a fresh fruit smoothie loaded with protein and vitiams since I don't plan on eating any solid foods for the next 14 days. The breakdown, drink a fruit smoothie only after you workout, that being the only thing you eat the whole entire day, in addition to a energy bar and lots of water. Clearly this plan was made by me in order to knock off pounds quickly, this is not a lifestyle change. Repeat this monday thru friday. Eat baked fish or chicken on the weekends.

Disclaimer: Im a fashion connoisseur, not your doctor.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r