Cartier Times : Lil Kim's Interview-Gaggin Queens

Im sure that everybody heard the story that Lil Kim's Bentley was repossed due to lack of payments, but according to her publicist that car was a gift was from Scott Storch. Storch was recently forced to sell off property due to lack of funds, I gather he couldn't keep up with those Bentley payments. Gag.

Tracy Nguyen: "The car was a gift, given 4 years ago. This matter is currently being resolved and is completely out of Kim's hands."

But after they broke up did she expect him to still pay the notes, Im sure she knew that she was suppose to takeover them, advice ladies-when a man gives you a car make sure the title is in the glove compartment along with the insurance and registration cards.

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Peep the interview out, Kim talks about rumors, prison, the beef with Remy and her new album.

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