Sham's Review: Glow in the Dark

The time has come, it is truly my pleasure to bring to you the official Lateboots review of The Glow in the Dark tour. ((sidebar: MY OPINION)) Excuse my French, but I don't know what the fuck Entertainment Weekly viewed. Maybe they showed up to the wrong location, because Kanye's performance it self proved that he is the number one artist in music right now. I don't care what anyone else says, the man delivers on another level unlike anything you've ever seen in your life........

And might I add that he is rapping straight line for line with not one hype man. No one is giving him a break to breathe and he didn't miss not one beat; It was like "Here I am by myself giving you me in its purest form". My words if anything down grade this art form. Words can't explain when you see someone giving their all with no thought in mind but perfection. There's so much truth in his music. In what way could you seriously rate the content. Or in Kanye's words, "a gift". This is what he considers a gift to his fans from a period of grief and what came of it was the best product ever. Mr. West is the McDonald's, the Walt Disney, and the Coke-a-Cola of music. And I don't mean to disrespect the other artist but the gag is that if you were at the show in Atlanta, you knew it was about to go down when Quincy Jones walked out from backstage. There were celebrities there the whole night but none of them came out into the arena until moments before Kanye's performance. I have mad love for N.E.R.D. I'm a bigger fan of Pharrell than Kanye, more so because of the physical. ((LOL)) However, Pharrell put on a great performance, very high energy and showed love to his fans by letting a few come on stage for the "Everybody Nose" performance. My night was definitely fulfilled getting to see them both in the same night. Once again no disrespect to the other artist but I could have done with out having to sit through a Rihanna song. If you haven't seen the show yet, there's still time. Run don't walk!