GAG: Is AMERICA Ready For This One?!

I’m not sure if America is ready for a show like this, but Logo just announced a new competition reality show titled RuPaul’s Drag Race. The series will consist of six, one hour episodes and is expected to air early next year. One lucky contestant will be able to compete for a spot on the series by signing up to the show’s site,, with online votes determining the winner.

Each contestant will be allowed to bring one stylist (or friend) with them to the competition to help them with their challenges to compete for the title of top drag queen. RuPaul jokes, “Tell Tyra that the Queen has returned, and while you’re at it have Heidi clear the runway. I’m going to pump some ‘realness’ into reality. To be a winner on this show the contestants need to be a fashion designer, an American Idol, and a top model all rolled up into one. And they definitely have to be smarter than a fifth grader.”

YES... Rupaul! Come and GAG Network television! LMAO. I know this show is going to be the "ki-ki".... BOOTS!

Source:Agent Smith Files

((...come ONE, come ALL))

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