Tip, Mrs. Carta, Tip - Laid-Back Bey

...Our Mova was caught out in New York today (GOD I can't wait to get there!) with her assistant and cousin, Angie doing what looked like was a little shopping. I am in love with this easy-going, laid-back look she has been giving me lately. From head to toe labels, to empire-waisted pants, and slouch hats she has been giving kids hell! Sighs... I am so ready for the QUEEN to return....
...(Look at that chick in the back, trying to get her camera out!!) Tip on Bey... Tip on!

PHOTOS: Just-Jared

Also catch her "TIPPING" out of Kanye's concert last night after the jump....

((...come RESCUE us!))

iCON :)

Come on Head-to-Ankle Chanel! Shoes: Louboutin.