GAG: Prom Edition - Fashion Police

...NOW this is what you call the case of "The FASHION Police"! Yes mam..... ladies and gentlemen, please meet Marche Taylor who is a senior in high school from Houston, Texas. Now as she got ready for her Senior Prom she rushed down to Anna's Linen and picked up a yard of Chiffon in that new Kwanzaa print and figured she was going to be different! "This my last year and Niecy and Quonda will not be cuter than me, because my name Marche and I am the BADDEST"..thats what she said as she did her "27" piece in the mirror!

Anyway, as she "tipped" (she gets a TIP for EFFORT!), in to her prom officials didn't see it for her or her "gown"! So things turned nasty and "Che-Che" was escorted away by police! That is ridiculous! They could have let her in although she was wearing enough Chiffon to cover the committee table! It's ok Boo... I'll come take you to Prom! Speaking of "Prom" I was asked by a really sweet girl, and a loyal reader of LATEBOOTS.COM to escort her to her Senior Prom back in November and I honored her request and took her! It was a BLAST! Her fellow classmates stared and pointed at us all night! She enjoyed it all... It was my pleasure being on your side Haley!

*Our pics are after the jump....

((...look, she has on SHADES, she know she BEAT))

iCON :)

We took it BACK..... WAY BACK!