There Is Something About A Girl Named Jayms

"Sit back, boy relax place a napkin on your lap I got your order for you babe, tell me where you like it at." Those are a couple of lyrics from Jayms Madison's hit single "Room Service". This amazingly beautiful 20 year old hails from Bronx, New York,and is slated to be a force in the music industry very soon. Starting out as writer Jayms has worked with heavy-hitter producers who has rocked with Beyonce, Brandy and several other A-list artist.

She also took home (at the age of 18) a Hall of Fame Writers Award which Alicia Keys and John Mayer have both accomplished. Jayms's music is fresh, eclectic, and definitely ear friendly. I render her voice to be that of running water and it is just that fluent. She writes and sings with such passion and with Beyonce, and Prince being her TWO most coveted artist, I see how and why she does. To hear more of her music, please visit her MYSPACE . More of the story and pics after the jump!

((...Stay tuned for Ms. Madison))

iCON :)

(Here she is on the red carpet at the Chris Brown Album release party)

I had the chance to spend some valuable time with Jayms when she came down for a music showcase in Atlanta and she paid a visit to my fashion show, which was exciting! Me, herself, and several friends sat around and talked about her journey and she enlightened us on much important inside information that is vital to our success. To be 20 (which is younger than us all) we all sat around like flys and listened to every word she uttered! We then went shopping in the historic Little 5 Points district where I there learned that she was part Native American, and was amazed by how in touch she was with her roots.We went and purchased these native feathered key rings and books and she schooled me on the whole "staying true and connected to your roots" thing. It was beautiful!

..After getting bored, we found a camera and some of my old fashion show clothes and we began to play! I dressed her up and we went shooting around the loft that I reside in! **Disclaimer: These were all taken with a digital camera so "the negative shots" will be trashed! LOL. But we had so much fun! From stair-cases and elevators.... we definitely thought we were on sight shooting in Paris! Jayms is the BEST guys... please get to know her by listening to her music because it's an adventure that you wouldn't regret going on.

.... LOADS of FUN!! Let's get em Jayms!!!