HA: This LADY Needs A HUG

...I know that everybody has been on the whole "let's get married secretly tip" since Jay and Bey jumped the broom in early April. I have been sitting on my hands about this one for the longest because everytime I turn on my computer wretched FISH is out here making a scene! Well now is the time for all to know... Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon secretly wedded on her private estate in an island off Urethra. reported:

According to marriage requirements for the Bahamas, a couple must be in the country for at least 48 hours, be over the age of 16 and have obtained a valid marriage license within 90 days, explains Monique Gomez, a Bahamian attorney in Nassau who specializes in family law.

The source says that Carey did obtain a license in Eleuthera within that time period. And clarifies Gomez, "The minister would make sure [the license] goes into the registry. It's still a valid marriage even if it's not filed. Anywhere in the world."

Luckily this is NOT a picture from their wedding but I'm quite sure this is the road it went down.. (sad face). I think this hook-up is just as phony as Ri-Ri & Chris... Get a day job people! These publicity stunts are terrible! I wonder if DaBrat and Missy were groomsmen?! I'm over her and her antics.... NEXT!

(( you "Belong Together"..))

iCON :)