LateBoots- Meet Christian, Christain Louboutin

Let’s admit it, life hasn’t been the same ever since Christian Louboutin invented his infamous red soles. It’s Louboutin mania, where women flock to stores in search of his latest creation and not thinking twice about it’s $700 price tag.......

The Designer had an exclusive event yesterday at Barneys New York and lets just say it was mayhem. Naomi Campbell and Patti LaBelle came out to support the designer as he autographed his famous red soles for fans and unveiled his latest collection. Louboutin has come a long way from his early days owning one shop in Paris. Now you can find his shoes at department stores and boutiques all over the world. We all know Louboutin is known for his red leather soles, but did you know how he came up with the genius idea?
The Story goes that Louboutin painted his soles red during his runway show. Louboutin felt his shoes had something missing and saw that one of his employees had red Chanel nail polish on, and instantly, he felt that it would complete the shoe if he painted it on the sole of his shoe. Since then, it became the signature of his shoes. I absolutely live.


((...TIP in a RED BOTTOM))

iCON :)