Hall Closet : Mother's Day Ensemble's-Tip Momma

Im not sure how your relationship is with your moms, but I adore mine, I often send her gifts in the mail-from the newest best seller book to the simplest new trinket just because. I've pulled a few Mothers Day looks from my favorite designer Ralph Lauren ( RL is the epitome of classic beauty ). I would love to see my mom in that vintage-inspired floor-length silk chiffon gown with that demure cabbage rose print with lush cascades of hand-sewn ruffles. Momma, I love you!!, but I have no idea of what to do for you this Mother's Day.

In the past I typically start the day off with me cooking breakfast, and no it's nothing fancy, Im talking eggs n cheese, bacon, grits, breakfast potatoes and biscuits. This year I want to try something different, Im thinking brunch and attending a polo match, it's a few days away and Im not sure what I'll be doing but in these ensembles Im sure she will have the brunch ladies gagging.

Tip momma tip.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r