Next To The Floor - Ellie Owen

I am always elated and overwhelmed when I am introduced to or meet someone with ambition and drive that is out of this world. Browsing through MYSPACE & FACEBOOK I tend to come across amazing individuals that possess such immaculate talent that I have to stop and get to know them like personally just to experience someone of such statue. I introduce to you Ellie Owen. Fashion Designer / Stylist / Creative Director. It only took one question from me, and the rest were all answered......

iCON: What INSPIRES you?

Ellie: I'm originally from Key West Florida and currently I attend Florida A&M University. Two things I've always known in my life is that I wanted to be an artist and a business owner. I was discouraged to do both and encouraged to do something that was more of a sure shot. Thats why I'm a political science major, but I could not deny myself. Ellie Owen is my coming of age story. Its stared last year. After having a business partner and another line for 4 years, me and my partner went our seperate ways, i left with nothing. Then I tried to get the fashion bug out of me and buckle down with school work but I couldn't stop. It was a rough year, my mother told me to put this foolishness down, I lost my job, I was evicted, bills behind but I didnt feel defeated because God chastens who he loves.
Now with 3 collections under my belt I'm in the process of getting my Jay-z on and getting my business plan together and also looking for backers. In the future I'm aiming to be in stores around the world. I want to be that black designer that compares with the top fashion dogs not only style wise but business wise. Things that inspire me are movies from the 50's, Old down home hymns (weeping and waling stuff) Real rap music, southern living, big city life, and my mom. I also wrote a book of poetry. When Ellie Owen is able to support me and it is a known brand...I also want to be an activist for childrens rights and education...Oh yeah and Ellie Owen is a break down of the spelling of my first name. Ellie Owen = L.E.O.N.

Simply Stunning. Ellie Owen. Visit his MYSPACE for more information on his future moves.

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iCON :)