Intern With LateBoots-I Need A Summer Assistant

I can't juggle it any longer, I have alot of projects launching this fall 08 and I NEED A SUMMER ASSISTANT to help me ( take over the World ) and if you think you handle it ( me ) then I wanna meet with you before I leave for New York. ONLY SERIOUS CANDIDATES APPLY. The job requires you to be BEAT, I mean if you're gonna represent me that's a must, you must be in Atlanta ( with a car ), you must have a blackberry ( no sidekicks ) and you gotta be a hustler with a mouthpiece ( meaning you must know how to conduct and handle yourself in meetings, adding value ).

You'll be working directly under me and this is a perfect way for you to learn this industry, meet new contacts and build yourself ( social climbing ) cause you know I know alot of people ( this is where you laugh out loud ) but it's very true.

Send pic and brief summary to :

Disclaimer : I've been called an asshole at times, some say rude, but I get shit done so have the same thirst for success.

Hopefully I'll be working with you soon...

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r