Boots & The City : BlackBerry Spokesperson-MP

This city ( New York ) is so big with trains going in so many directions-I get around successfully with my Blackberry Curve and, BOTH OF THEM SAVED MY LIFE, I can virtually get anywhere. Im so ADD and these city maps is like looking at an algebra problem so I've decided to endorse hopstop and blackberry because together they can get you where you need to go...cause half of these people in ny don't be knowing where anything is.....I asked an officer where a street was and he didn't know, I was like but you work for the didn't have to past a test or anything....oh yeah so if you have a blackberry just go to the browser and pull up, type in your location and where you're trying to go and it tells you train by train and street by street of how to get there. People, if you don't have a blackberry GET ONE, it's the all purpose phone, sidekicks are for kids ( sorry )...and all my new yorkers, we all know and love hopstop, it's like your own person chauffeur.


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