Boots & The City: Good Morning

Today I had a little off time from the office, which was perfect because I have been in dying need of a home cooked meal. All this eating out isn't good for you and it's just feels good to be in a calm environment. So I meet up with my friend Jason for my favorite this morning-PANCAKES!
I love hanging out at Jasons place because it feels so much like home, gives me that feeling of walking into my Grandmothers house on a Sunday afternoon, you can't buy that look, it's years of progression. Oh and let me give a special thanks to the chef, Mister Burke, he throws down in the kitchen and I will definitely be back for more. Breakfast over listening to the new Lil Wayne LP, it doesn't get any better than that, can you say "dinner next time?" Yes, I'll be there!

"i got so much chips you can have a bag if your a snacker" -lil wayne