Boots & The CIty: The Nightlife

Sorry LateBoots, no photos from the first day of work, If you went from 10:30 til 6pm with no break, you wouldn't either. But that young gentlemen you see pictured above is Theophilus London. I featured him on the site a weeks back. Click here to read the interview. Back to the topic at hand. I haven't seen a performance so intense sense the Glow in the Dark tour. Seriously I put him and Kanye in the same category for high energy performances. He has a swag so mean its crazy. He'll be performing again in NY on June 12th, I'll get back to guys with the venue information. It's a must see!While there I bumped into a few heavy names in the industry from Mickey Factz and the whole GFC crew to one half of Lemar & Dauley. And you know I had to chop it up with Mister London after the show. Good things coming for this kid. Well that's all for today. Now it's time to catch some zzz's so I can wake up and do this again tomorrow. "I love New York--tho I ain't from New York--they love me like I'm from New York" -kanye west

Oh & The Cool Kids will be at the same spot on Saturday, June 7
Come hang out with Sham @ The Knitting Factory on 74 Leonard St.