Boots & The City : Live Out Your Dreams-Now

Goodmorning LateBoots-7am was the call time, which means you're late. After a long week of working, picking models for shoots and running to showrooms I had a dream lastnight about Corn Pops & Honey Nut Cheerios, random right? Well maybe not cause I haven't had cereal in weeks. Do I miss Atlanta? No. I will always love her but they eat from a different menu here in New York. So if you've noticed that myself and the rest of the "Boots" if you will don't speak of where we are working. We get tons of emails and when people see us on the street they ask. We share everything with you, can we not keep somethings private, so when asked we just keep things cute and say nothing. It's all about learning and growth and some shit we got to do on our own. I want to inspire my peers to live out their dreams and when we document our hustle we are showing that anything is possible through hardwork. But I will share what I do-Im in the fashion editing department so from picking models for shoots to going to showrooms to pick the clothes that will be featured in the magazine, the list doesn't stop. I love it.

I always wondered what it meant to dream-found out that they do come true. I must go now, the sun is starting to come out and my future looks bright.

"When the streets is watching, blocks keep clocking, waiting for you to break, make your first mistake."-Jay-Z

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