HA: This Must ONLY Look Good On Idiots

Now I want you ALL to take a looooong good look at this picture. Are you looking? Look a little bit more... just a bit longer... ok, now you should have a good thought. I want you to tell me.. what in this picture looks like it would cost $10,000.00?!.......
...if you guessed their jeans then you are unfortunately right! These are by the Los Angeles label-Key Closet. The pant consists of a cascade of over 10,000 Tiffany-set Swarovski crystals for the thighs and one-carat diamonds on each back pocket, for a total of two carats for the booty! Also the buttons on the back pockets are made of "white-gold"! Must be nice! LOL.

This is wretched. And can't no diamonds or gold make it worth being 10 G's. To be honest they are giving me Ed Hardy and you know that went out with Von Dutch!

Mariah would EAT these up.. then I will be praying for another SWOOP!

(( diamonds on my neck, got diamonds on my zipper!))

iCON :)