Boots & The City: My Hood-Simply Beautiful

Everyone from the moon to mars has shared their opinions of my living where abouts. My only concern is that when I step through the threshold the vibe reads HOME. You couldn't tell me that inside those walls it doesn't feel like a penthouse on 5th ave. lol My mother always told me, "your perception of reality is far from the truth child", although I try not to fall for make believe but what's reality? Certainly not living through the thoughts of others, right? I need to find out things for myself. Falling down ain't falling down, if you don't cry when you hit the floor. Getting the full experience myself is a must. Days off don't come easy, so I settled for an hour and took a walk around my HOOD. Ha! I laugh at what they call it. Doesn't look too scary to me. What do you think?"they don't want us to see--but we already know" -lil wayne