m a r q u i s . p h i f e r & the I Wonders

Pardon me as I unload my laundry of thoughts onto this folding table. Someone once told me the key to this joint is to just keep quite-observe and listen. Let's go back, I usually drop off my laundry for the wash & fold joint but for some reason I wanted to do it myself, this being the first time I had ever step foot into a laundry mat. I texted my mom saying " you won't believe where I am at", she responded " pretend you're at home, plus you wanted that". She's right. I wanted New York in all it's glory. So if that means me being in a laundry mat every week then so be it. Going back to what someone once told me, keep quite? I CAN'T-I get alot of back lash for saying stuff. Being quite means it's a perfect world. WAIT TILL I GET MY MONEY RIGHT. I often find myself having conversations and arguments with my alter-ego Kennedy. Last week I wanted to quit-ya'll welcome but Kennedy said Mr. Phifer you're so picture perfect, you can't quit-Y'all don't know my struggle. Y'all can't match my hustle. You can't catch my hustle.-Let's talk insecurities-alot of people in high or higher positions have them and don't want you to outshine them, so they throw you shade-wanting YOU to down play your fabulosity-remember it's only one spot. "Who does he think he is, oh he's too much"-that's what the average say about the exceptional. Im irritated.

It is the sand in which irritates the oyster that makes the pearl.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r