Go-C: All The Boys StandinG In The Line

Let's talk about Black shall we-this seasons Spring 2009 DSquared Show in Milan made history in my book. Sean Combs they heard us and now they see us. When I was going through the pics from the runway show I just knew I was looking at a Sean John show circa 2000's-you remember Will Lemay and Sean Gordon. This show included all the heavy hitters, the new school and the old. Supermodel Tyson leaded the pack showing that he still has it as the youngsters marvel at the possibility. All types of black hit the runway, showing that you can book a whole show and variety still stands. Aside from almost every model being black this is the best collection to-date I've seen from DSquared. Im not sure if this will spark something for other designers to cast more black models but between you and I, I found this show to be the best-aesthetically pleasing. Hands down.

Versace's Men Collection is inspired by Obama, DSquared uses black models-this goes far beyond the clothes.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r- thanks Di lusso but I already had it ready to post today!