Boots & The City : PSA: It's HOT In New York-HOT

Ok so back in Atlanta people always use to tell me how hot New York was in the summer and for some reason it went through one ear to the other-I still packed my blazers and sportcoats....HA! jokes on me, let me tell you, New York is nothing to play with in the summer, welcome to the pits of hell. Don't be caught on the streets during the hours of 11am to 5pm because you will sweat as if you're making a cameo in a workout video. Most, if not all of my summer looks include blazers ( a fool ) so I've been tipping around in ties and collard shirts. Sham and I took a break from the heat and dined in this cute little french restaurant drinking freeze tea lemonades and peach strawberry pie. When the check arrived I pulled out my card and then the hostess replied "sorry we only accept cash" bitch. I will never understand why a place of business in 2008 only accepts cash, every place should accept credit cards. Oh no, Im not done, the apartments here don't have central air so it's hot everywhere, inside and hot. Im even sweating as I type this post ( stands in front of fan ) you remember those fans that you use to sing in front of to make those echos....

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