Boots & The City: You Don't Take Cards?

NYC you do me so wrong... So Marquis and myself share a taxi home, unfortunately he's dropped off before me. These drivers make me feel like I'm on roller coaster ride and I don't like it. We get to my place and I'm ready to lay it down....The drivers stops. He gives me my total. I pull out my card and his head hit the steering wheel! "ma'am I do not take cards". Ha! I'm laughing now but it wasn't funny last night. So I'm supposed to ask do you take cards? I don't carry cash. To make a long story short. Thank you New York for the complimentary taxi ride. I was too tired to argue with him, but there was nothing else for me to do but walk into my apartment and go to sleep. Sorry; put it on my tab.

I'm thinking the night is over. NO; in New York it's never over. There's always a catch. I turn both keys at the door and it doesn't move. (shaking my head) There's a third lock and I don't have the key! (damn damn damn) I must have broke a mirror or something. I don't believe in luck but somethings not right. I'm on my fourth day in New York and Im ready to write a novel. This is only the beginning work starts tomorrow...