Boots & The City : Destination Fulfilled-Day 4

June 1st- Today was such a good day, Sham and I DID NOT get lost, I felt like a lil boy who just graduated to pull-ups!! Mom, Im a big boy now!! Anywho, we decided to celebrate our last day of freedom at BBQ's in Times Square, I ordered the ribs and chicken ( honey glazed ) and I had a TEXAS SIZE margarita, so after that I don't remember much, all I know is I was walking through Times Square so full and so far gone, forgot my train station and lost my iPHONE lol.Tomorrow is our first day at work, two different magazine publications ( thanks LateBoots ) and we're excited to share stories but what shall I wear? I don't wanna give too much on the first day.....right? Lol Nope, Im pulling out the tricks....Hello Purple Labels.Shall we meet same time and place tomorrow yes?

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r