Juice Box: Oh & The Bag

New York is showing me some tough love right now, but i still love her. She gives me everything I need. While waiting on Marquis in Time Square, I glance over at a newsstand to find Mister Williams showing off his new love. With six custom made bags in various colors going for the price of a Mercedes; Pharrell is untouchable. Get into the lifestyle. I'm not a big fan of Paper Magazine but today I am. Here he is BBC down, dripped in custom pieces from Jacob & Co., and of course the Birkin! Who do you know that can kill a cover shot with a t-shirt and jeans. NOBODY! With the release of N.E.R.D's "Seeing Sounds" LP right around the corner, their hitting up the press hard. Check out the cover shot of YRB magazine after the jump.

"I don't want to sound snotty or cocky...Let's just say I'm blessed to have my own company. Whatever I want, I can have it made." -Pharrell Williams