Fashion FAB-or-FLOP: Head-Piece Extreme

People probably would run and scream if they saw someone tipping down 5th Ave with this on their head but I would actually walk up, grab their arm, and take them to lunch! These creepy yet innovative head-pieces were hand-crafted by Japanese designer Nagi Noda. I really like these things. Like I am totally for the weird aspects of fashion thats why I absolutely adore Galliano and Gareth Pugh because these two designers definitely doesn't tap the breaks when another car is front of them! Gosh.... the adrenaline rush they cause!
So what do YOU think? I mean I almost KNOW what most are going to say but thats why I LOVE opinions! Also make sure you include who you think will "TIP" out in this contraption first!

My guess: Well if Isabella Blow was alive I'd say her, but I am going out on a limb and say Andre Leon Talley! LMAO.

(( goes FARM))

iCON :)