Boots & The City : Keys Open Doors-Brand New

They say your attitude determines your latitude, I'm high as a motherfucker- fly as a motherfucker and still the motherfucker you love to hate but can't - because you love what I make. Just another day in the life of marquis, I swear I need my own show, you sometimes have to excuse me-I live in my own world. New York, New York, wow shopping in the showrooms and invites to private shows and dinners is the life.......right? What I've realized in my few days in New York is that EVERYBODY wants to make it, and it's way toooooo many people when there are only a few spots-some of us won't make it. Some of us have favor, and favor ain't fare-I don't question my trials and tribulations, everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in luck.

Now let's get to the hustle because I think some of us have it backwards, a lil secret: STOP MIMICKING WHAT YOU SEE IN THESE MOVIES BECAUSE IT'S FOR PURE ENTERTAINMENT AND ENJOYMENT-it's not real ( preach boy preach ). The clothes, the cars, the penthouses- that's the pay off, what are you going to do to get it? Socialites are born-into money or get it other ways, so some us of normal people be trynna stunt ( Im talking to the kids now ) and I include myself in this-not really, so we should focus on our craft and talents and not so much of this pop luxe life-you'll be left broke with no money trying to look like you belong while the real people stack the real coins. True story: A few days ago in Soho I saw a teenage girl and her mother tip out the back of a Bentley with thong sandals on and an American Eagle sweatshirt....looked a mess, but then again I was dressed like a Ralph Lauren ad and I was the one walking....

Priorities-I always wanted to be a superstar and who knew being fly would get me this far, Im not complaining.

"Im sensitive, but my exterior has to be tough. Im a business man so I have to maintain some sort of composure."

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r