Boots & The City : They Call Him U-S-H-E-R

Working in the industry has many perks-like complimentary tickets being sent over to the office to see Usher in concert at the Apollo theatre. Many celebs were in the building, Ciara ( who had on a fitted and Jordans ), Chris Brown & Fat Joe to name a few. Usher opended up the sold out show with song's from his latest album Here I Stand. The show was really good, Usher still has it, being a married man and a father hasn't changed the way he performs on stage...He performed one of my favorite songs from the album "Trading Places"...after that I was ready to go!!

"I’m always on the top, tonight I’m on the bottom Coz we trading places, when I can't take no more, tell me you ain't stopping.....Give it to me babyyy ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhhhhh ooo-uuuu babyy Babyyy yeaaa"-Usher

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