Sham's Review: Thank You & You're Welcome.

During the Glow in the Dark tour Kanye was giving out a few promo copies of his book, although when I attended his show in Atlanta I didn't get one. So I sent out angry emails wondering why I didn't get one ((Ha!...jk)), a few weeks after the concert I receive this in the mail, which looked different from the ones given out. So I'm guessing I have the official one. Let me inform you that this is not reading material. Meaning it's just mere thoughts and some of those entertaining quotes we love to hear from Mister West. Click here to purchase a copy. Ye gets two thumbs up from me!

My favorite quote: "I get alot of back lash for saying what I'm going to do, I love saying what I think because it keeps me accountable. Once I say it, i feel like I HAVE TO DO IT and I LOVE PROVING to everyone that I can! It's like using public opinion as a motivational tool instead of its common role of degradation. If I keep it to myself, at any point, I could easily give up on my goal because no one would have known what I was trying to do."-Kanye West