GAG:Hey You, Yeah..U - Is It Really Ummm OK?

..for me to say that Cousin Shani looks somewhat descent here in this pic? Or is it ummm OK for me to say that her make-up and eye-lashes were applied "properly" this time? Oh! Or is it OK for me to say that she FINALLY got her BEST BEYONCE impression down packed?! (minus the dress). GAG. Sighs... I can honestly say this though, this is the FIRST time I have ever "attempted" to say that Ashanti looks ummmmm OK. From the neck up. The dress needs to be hung back up in that sweat shop she got it from in New Jersey. That DRIZZLE down the front has killed and resurrected the legacy behind FASHION.

GOD, you can rest this time... Well NO you can't. GONE SWOOP down and snatch that dress! She just might have on a mixed-matched panty and bra set! LOL. Wouldn't you rather see that than this hideous frock?!

((...get em Shani!))

iCON :)