GO-C: Salesha - Beauty & The BEAT

I know that most of you (well those that adore the fashion and modeling industry), has always felt a certain way about cycle 9's winner of Americas Next Top Model Saleshia. During the season I was totally in love with her. I picked her alongside of Phifer to actually be the winner. After winning I got into several blogs and random sites that bashed her for the dear! I was like WOW! It went from rumors that Tyra had it set up for her to win and even down to just SHE WAS NOT A MODEL! And I even saw some pics of her (that I wont mention) that almost brain-washed me to believe that!
But no, no, no! I was snatched back! My feelings were right about this girl and I am sticking with her. When I ran across these pics I then knew that my model muscle was flexed properly. She "SITS" in these natural beauty shots to me. From the angles, her neck, and just her eye connect with the camera renders her execution flawless. I love it. Maybe it was the "mushroom" cut that held her back from conveying properly.. I don't know, but I do know that she nailed this and hopefully she will continue with these stellar performances in front of the camera.

((...beauty beyond the BOB))

iCON :)