The Olsens - Posing Prunes

It is always something giving with these oh-so sickening twins! Word on the runway (street) is that they have unveiled they're secret to their "perfect" smile/smirk on the red carpet and on the front rows of every fashion show possible. The secret is that they say "PRUNE". Now, when I heard this I immediately tried it and it worked! I looked just like them! A California sun-dried RAISIN! Hey.. I never said they were beautiful.. just BEAT-TO-FOOL! I was like OMG! And then I thought.... someone has already bit off of their pouched lips (Phiefer.... I don't see it though!) Anyway below is a collage of pics of the BEAT twins so you be the judge!
Do you LIVE for the pouch or not?! It works for me. I am going to try it at my next red carpet event or front row fashion show! (Whenever that may be.) LOL.

FUN FACT! I am also a TWIN! Me and my sister Courtney will give you complete hell... catch us tipping down Peachtree St. (whenever I can get her out of Alabama!) Pics coming soon!

((....double trouble.))

iCON :)