YES MAM: Hair That Gives LIFE!

People can say what they want about Ms. Winehouse.... but let me be the first to say that I will slap her across the seven seas! This "Boof" gave me my ever-lasting LIFE when I seen it. I immediately thought of a more over-dramtic "B'Day"! You know that "BOOF" was OOOOVAH! Bey GAVE you BIG hair, and the WORLD woke up! Amy was hiding everything else BUT her hair when she was tipping out of some "cottage" today LMAO! She is currently having legal issues with so much right now. All they need to do is lock her hair up! Bet PHISH get it together then! I wonder how her and Naomi would treat each other in a jail cell? Better yet how would it look?!GOD can't even SWOOP down on this one...his hand might get caught in it!

((.... HUGS are definitely in NEED here))

iCON :)