Boots & The City: In the Park

This past Sunday I made my way over to Prospect Park for the MIH barbecue. Let me elaborate on what the MIH barbecue is all about for those of you who have never been. Well first let me start off by saying this Sunday had to have been the best weather in awhile in New York. Generally I'll be the first to cross out any outdoor activities. I'm too dark to tan. So me going out to the BBQ was a stretch-and I didn't break not one bit of a sweat. Anyways-the MIH BBQ was full of beautiful black people, good music, and FREE food. Yes-free food. And I don't cook so I was all for it. The vibe was positive and it's always good times hanging with my fam from the BKc. ((sidebar-The new Brooklyn Circus store is opening this Friday, check out their site for more info on the grand opening))