Boots & The City : Sitting In The Chair With Phifer

So alot of people ask me what do I do to my hair, where do I get it cut and if I color it, well I answered all the questions in the video in addition to giving tips. Unfortunately the music from the salon is LOUD so you might have to play close attention. I get haircuts every tuesday and saturday at B.Braxtons here in New York. I feel that a man should make sure his edges are sharp at all times. Most guys only run to the barbershop when it's an important event or function coming up but not me. I find that doing this makes you on top of your game and it's a certain swagg you have when you know you're on point.

Always get a razor edge up, never with clippers because your hair grows back faster and make sure they keep your edges in its natural line. Taking the hair back looks good at first but when it grows back it's a fool. Yes my hair is naturally this black, no dye. no lie. Im not a fan of that beijing stuff and nor do I advise you to use it. If you're hair isn't naturally black then find another way of coping. My hair is naturally straight and black so trying to get this look is not realistic. I do nothing out of the ordinary besides my 2 days a week visits. Work with what you have.

Oh and one more thing, DON'T LET JUST ANYBODY CUT YOUR HAIR. I have two barber's, and when I first went to them I explained how I wanted it-edge up my lines, taper the back and cut the wild hairs-redo my front edge until perfection and between you and I-if you ever see my hair out of place or unkept pray for me cause I must be going through something but even then I still make my appointments.

I seek change in men.

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