Check In-3:28am-New York City-Randomness

Im just now getting home ( 3:28am ) and I have work in the am, but I just wanted to share a random fact. So I was at this club and the music was pretty dope, Im chillin with people, passing drinks ( none for me ) and we in VIP mode then in walks Lionel Richie. I must have gasp because he is legend ( ask yo momma ). So I pull out the berry and text my moms like " yo Lionel Richie is sitting next to me" and she's like "take a pic, take a pic.-No." So Im nervous as dirt and Mr. Richie is all smiles and Im thinking " damn Im partying with Lionel Richie." RANDOM.

( the whole time I wanted to ask where Nicole was )

m a r q u i s . r i c h i e