Go-C: Model Lawrence On A Mission

Earlier this week I introduced you to Lawrence-I must confess that the pictures I posted previously were old because he's been rocking a shaved head for minute now. This past weekend we chilled in Soho discussing and debating about the industry's current state and let's just say after meeting him-he has it. He's the first person to actually talk more than I do! but he has alot of stuff to say and thank goodness it's good stuff. And now Im about to get real, so Im new to this whole walking everywhere in New York thing so he decides that we should walk to our next destination because he likes to walk, Ha! I said ok thinking it would only be a few blocks, well it felt like I was a disciple walking to Jerusalem. Oh I had on riding boots. Riding boots. (PHOTOGRAPHER TARRICE LOVE )m a r q u i s . p h i f e r