HA: Blow-Up Hoodie, Late & Sleep Edition

Now I don't know what these people were thinking when this creation jumped in their head but it's simply convenient! LMAO. Say hello to the new "Blow-Up" Hoodie! For your fashion and comfort (lol) you can easily be BEAT on your way to SLEEP now. How much better does it get?! I can very much so see Remy Ma coming back with this one. I can see her now coming off stage, and getting back on the BUS, and screaming "YO! Where my pillow at SONS?! Tell Shandraneka if I see her with my pillow on I'm going down again!". Get into her skirt. Futuristic huh? This picture screams country-couture! And why does Moma look so sad?! She probably KNOW she look a FOOL.
....LOOK. It even came with instructions. Wretched.... Knee Boots.

((..blow HER up))

iCON :)