I'm NOT Shallow - I Give Credit, When It's Due

Sighs. This isnt even HARD for me because I know who the Queen of my HEART is. Anywho.. Cousin Ri-Ri has been "pooping" on these kids as of late. NO SHADE. With "Take A Bow" doing it's huge jump on the charts, me bumping "Disturbia" like its a Bey track, to her just being BEAT-TO-FOOL tipping around, she has been everywhere! And now she has been hooked in the fashion industry. With rumors of her starting her own clothing (which I hope is a TRICK) Rihanna has been pinned by renowned fashion house Gucci, to be the face of their next campaign. Here's the report:

Rihanna is set to be the face of Gucci’s UNICEF campaign which will see special limited edition products sold to benefit the global children’s charity.

The 20-year-old Barbados native will appear in ads for the ‘Tattoo Heart’ campaign, after Frida Giannini saw her at a UNICEF fundraiser earlier this year, and sought her out to be a part of the drive to raise funds for children’s rights.

A special limited edition selection of Gucci products will be sold to support the charity, with 25 per cent of sales being donated.

Rihanna is no stranger to charity work, having set up her own charity in 2006 called The Believe Foundation.

All I say is get em Ri-Ri. You are definitely doing your thing out here this year. Get it all in "bey" for she stings. Because when she tips back out it's going to be like honey all down the back of that slick head! And you know BEY'S LOVE honey!

((..say some else))

iCON :)