See You Worried About The Wrong Thang

Aubrey O'Day visits MTV's "TRL" yesterday but Im trying to figure out for what. Don't come out unless you're dropping off a video.They always do this to me. Danity Kane will give you a good album but they never give you videos. Example-Ride For You, a wonderful song, video-they was walking down the street while the seasons changed and ended up looking like Destiny's Child's 8 Days of Christmas video-and that's why Beyonce, Kelendria and Tenitra will ALWAYS be the # 1 girl group of all time, they give you videos for every song. I really liked Welcome to the Doll House but where's the second single? Is the budget stopping them or what? I don't get it. Who's marketing them?-let me take your job.

All I need is One Shot.

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