Ad-It-Up: The New-New For Miu Miu

Miu Miu has shaken a few things up over in their camp. I am quite sure you all DO remember their last campaign featuring actress Kirsten Dunst... well she has been chopped and replaced with French artist Vanessa Paradis. I love the contrast of colors and the brightness of the hues, but the lack of expression really blew me. She gave me one smile and the rest were "rock face" expressions. Don't get me wrong, my first love is that which is sickening but something lacked.
...And it definitely wasn't in the shoe department! OMG. This shoe is uber! Miu Miu usually never disappoints in the TIP department. Welp, catch the rest of the ad campaign after the jump!

((...ahh the smell of campaign))

iCON :)