American Dream - The Signature Never Fades

The Louis Vuitton signature print has been around since the beginning of time (seems like) and just when I thought that it's reign was over - out came the "NeverFull" tote. Being sported on reality shows, tv networks, and celebs tipping out and about - this bag has become what I call "The American Dream".
(Kristin Davis & Heidi Montag out with their NeverFull totes).The bag is exceptionally versatile considering that it could be casualized on a great summer day or evenly layered on that nice Fall evening (both looks pictured above). The Fall look above is my absolutely favorite take by the way. With her soft wind blown hair, clean barely there make-up, simple chic coat, effortlessly thrown on scarf, stylish jewelry and the bag- it is just perfect! And it doesn't appear like too hard to imitate either. All one needs is the Neverfull bag to spice up a standard chic fall outfit. Adorable.

((...print is BACK))

iCON :)