Poison Escape

Escaping the wonders of the world is what I often do, when I was back home my mother made me breakfast- I told her to hold the eggs and bacon and just bring me a mimosa. It's something about being "lite" at 12pm that makes the day more exciting which brings me to my favorite spot here at Atlanta called Ponchos.

This lil mexican restaurant serves authentic food ( too authentic, I prefer Taco Bell ) but they have a frozen margarita special where you can get a full pitcher for only 17 coins. My friends and I always share 2 pitchers and by the time we leave there we are telling our darkest secrets aka spill your darkest t-now say it in a chant. We've become regulars and we always ask for the same waitress-she goes up for us, but I forget her name so if you go there look for the chick in the pic. m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

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