The Food Connoisseur

Call me Mr. Socialite-Creative Director and Fashion Connoisseur-but let's not forget about the food. So as most of you have noticed I've trashed that Marcus Lloyd Diet ( until further notice ). Being in New York I never found a place that left me satisfied, there are plenty of times Sham and myself wanted to run back to the South for some good food-so I guess Im making up for the lack of.

Atlanta is known for having a good food supply and unfortunately my friends circle loves to eat-sometimes I'll eat just because they do, but when we eat, we throw down. The other night I had dinner at the Vortex with Celebrity Stylist Jeremy Hanes. There I ordered a cowboy burger with potato salad-which is like a cold version of a loaded baked potato-the best and a sweet tea, while Hanes ordered the chicken salad. My total was only 10.80, so that made the food even better. Im so not a fan of spending more than twenty dollars on one entree at a restaurant, Im always looking for the specials.m a r q u i s . p h i f e r