Haute Convo - Daphne's Thoughts

Stylist, journalist and Haute Couture collector Daphne Guinness on blogs, games and Karl Lagerfeld:

“Between couture fashion and street fashion, there is a certain continuity. It’s great to go to London’s Camden Market or downtown New York and see what the kids are wearing. Today, you don’t even have to travel to do this; all you have to do is look at fashion blogs. I refer to them continually, and think quite soon they will start to dictate what’s really going to influence the fashion industry – all those little voices at sites such as the Sartorialist and Style Bubble, with such a wide reach. On one site you might see a hipster in Williamsburg, New York, for example, in very tight, very shrunken jackets and trousers, and then you jump to another and see a different type of person wearing an oversized shirt, belted with silver tights. It’s like a bunch of ad-hoc experiments going on all the time.

“It’s also, I think, why forward-looking designers have always been interested in what is happening on the street; Karl Lagerfeld, for example. A while ago I took him a copy of the video game Grand Theft Auto because I thought he’d appreciate it; he is a designer who understands the zeitgeist completely. Karl does couture but he’s also willing to look at something like Grand Theft Auto because he understands the power in mixing high and low. Now he’s been influenced a bit by the game and its aesthetics, he’s also a character in it!”

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