iCON's TOP 10 Fashion Videos

Being that the pop-culture is brought on from several aspects, I am heavily influenced by them all. From of course FASHION, art, and music the one thing that moves me most is the actual VISUAL artwork of a VIDEO.

When I hear certain songs previous to a video being made for it I always come up with my own concept and premise and sometimes I hit the nail on the head and other times -well I'll just leave it at that! As a child I was so eager to watch VIDEOS simply because it brought that actual song to LIFE. So now I would love for YOU to take a ride with me as I go through the videos that has driven me in ALL ways possible - with FASHION being the pedal.

Every week I will post a video giving a critique and description of that video, certain facts about it, and why it inspires me. Now don't feel left out! Because in the "comments" section you will be able to recommend videos and give your feedback on the selection. Who knows.... you just may change my line-up!

Let's GO..

#10 Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Directed by Brian Grant this colorful visual attack was one of Whitney's most recognized and upbeat tracks. Winning a Grammy for "Best Pop Female Vocal Performance" in 1988, Houston gave me 80's craze down! With big hair, colorful make-up, tu-tu's, volume, bandage dresses, pointed-toe shoes (which worked back then), head scarves, tights, belted acid-washed denim and cropped leather jackets Whitney gave me exactly what I needed. Now we can only join hands and pray that she could deliver something similar to this on her all so anticipated comeback!

(( = FASHION))

iCON :)