PANTS - Coming Up SHORT In The Office

Menswear is getting really exciting these days as men get more comfortable embracing trends and exploring their sense of style. Men are starting to crack the long held belief of menswear moving slowly. Typically trends in the menswear industry last between 3-5 months and there isn't a lot of turnover. But now men are starting to embrace trends as they are seen on the runways. Meet Kwesi Blair (middle guy). He's a branding adviser who'sblazer and short combo became a norm to him simply because of the HEAT waves that randomly hit NYC this summer. Wearing a shorts suit, Mr. Blair explained, is not only more comfortable than the alternative, but a way to road test your own self-invention.

“On the street, people are like, ‘That’s a bold move.’ But, honestly, I’m just tapping into my own sense of style and sensibility and putting it out there. It’s not like I’m looking for acceptance.”

I definitely concur with the choices that he makes. I mean besides beating the heat and still giving you the latest fad - the look is presentable.

Here are a couple of options that you can opt for while the HEAT is still going!

The RICHARD SIMMONS SHORTS-Retro athletic shorts with stripes or piping by Jean Paul Galtier ($365) *LB-Hookup - $35 @ JackRabbits Sports

FLASHER SHORTS-A style of dressing that intentionally reveals boxers by Micheal Bastian ($435) *LB-Hookup - $39.50 @ Banana Republic

AMPUTATED TROUSERS-Knee-length shorts that resemble cutoff dress pants by Calvin Klein ($375) *LB-Hookup - $110.00 @ J.Press

DENIM CUTOFFS-The menswear interpretation of the Daisy Duke short by DSquared ($375)*LB-Hookup - $48.00 @ MACYS

SHORT SHORTS-Any style with an inseam of four inches or less by Prada ($285) *LB-Hookup - $195 @ Barneys NY

((...take your pick))

iCON :)