Politely Pink

Lastnight one of my favorite shows Making The Band came on and boy was I entertained. Im loving that Laurie Ann is back, she's good for the groups but at the premiere party at Guest House ( one of my favorite clubs in New York ) chick makes a 1993 mistake by taking pics with lipstick on her teeth, really? Are we still making those mistakes.

You guys know I like to uplift but sometimes you can learn more from a critique than a compliment. I've been keeping quiet about how I feel about Danity Kane's Dawn, she sings, I love her........voice but Im baffled at the resources that these ladies have but they end up picking the most awkward things. A yellow dress with a thin belt yacked at the waist, really? Oh Damn...I meant Dawn. Whatever Im over it.m a r q u i s . p h i f e r